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UMPL Amla Juice

Benefits of Amla Control the blood pressure. Increase the haemoglobin % age in the blood. Enhances the physical & mental development. Checks the unwanted greying & falling of hair. Check bad effect of ageing factor. Improves the eye sight. Makes the body slim and fit. An excellent blood purifier. Acts as a boon for all stomach disorders. Useful in skin diseases.Effective for obesity. Flushes out toxins. It helps to lower cholesterol. It is useful to cough & asthma.It makes excellent combination with aloe vera.
Umpl Amla juice
A store house of vitamin c, contains moisture, protein minerals, fibers and carbohydrates. An excellent antioxidant strenghthens liver and lower cholesterol. It is a gentle laxative and purify blood. Regular intake of amla cures constipation and enhances immunity.